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By: benzrad | August 25, 2017

napped since morning and dropped lunch. dreamt in earlier era with my elder brother and his pals trading & discussing startup a company. I with my son interested in accounting and attempted to work for them in its early phrase and brought some innovative ideas. then dreamt in marching army. when the army at rest during raining, we tried to cross some units for shower. in a jammed barrack girl and boy Scouts trade their items. I offered a sd card to trade, likely with my son's companion, at least 5 for more items from different traders gathered in front for exchange, including cards and other gadgets. most of them so friendly that we glad there for a drifting living. I woke up at noon when sunny outside. last night my son told me his Jun...

By: benzrad | May 16, 2016

root in poor income, ie. salary from QRRS around ¥2000 since March, 2016, my credit crisis worsened and issuer bank warned of possible takeover my salary card. even its too mean to cover my startup activities, it does cover most of my living expense including my son's. so I now confronted with starving and survival on my bare hands. my first response is to find a part time job to cover bank commision, near ¥1000 monthly. but I really loathed to put myself in my 50s into labor market. I'm a casual man and with strong religion preference, which likely put me in incompatible with currency of job market. and I enjoy bounding with my vocation, site building and China democracy promotion. I love communicative web online. after nearly 2 weeks reckon of relocation, and after my accounting online at reminds me my debt actually under ¥80,000, just above 60,000, my sinking heart reignites with confidence to survive credit crisis with careful handling current situation without extra distractions. I don't need flee nor sacrifice of second job to retain my vocation and hobby which defines me out. I will live with my vested kingdom of China and its washed resources by CCP's over-exploit in recent decades. I bare hardness common Chinese bounded to after their sins following delusive communism. that's my choice upon my draining finance, as well as over stalemate PRC in eve of civil war it brought to worldwide beyond its capacity of manipulation.
God, dad, grant me legitimacy in my adoption on deficit. bring me peace and prosperous on the seashore I collecting colorful dreams and scenes. let's enjoy life as we did, and brighter future under the oath and Heaven.

Photo Description: woz, dearest son's birthday comes in May. here he stood top a heap in a previous dusk.

woz, dearest son's birthday comes in May. here he stood top a heap in a previous dusk.
woz in far sight view.

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By: benzrad | February 15, 2016

it has been years since our 1st flight tour to hometown, central China. so when my kid brother invited me and my son to join lunar spring festival at their new house in southern China, I admit at once. the tour turns out full spectrum of a flight tour: speedy and accurate, sudden storm and day lone delay, hotel and boarding, etc. we also witness villas near my kid brother's house, well designed large residential community whose most inhabitants are migrates just earn well on the host land. my son ate less meals at his uncle's home, but I usually ate so full that my throat burning. my plan to ask my brother's loan help me alineate credit cards' deficit failed, for his business not so rosy, but we still gained near ¥2000 as the lunar holiday gift. its so nice a vacation that we don't know when the 2nd one descends. thx God, we don't count on.
upon request, pose for a gathering shot with flight crew.
woz and his cousin watching TV in his uncle's unneat house.

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